Coffee and Tea Plantation

Mae On, Chiang Mai
Price: ฿ 24,000,000
400,000 Sqm
Reference: LAZ45295
Land Size: 400,000Sqm
Price per Sqm: : ฿ 60

About This Listing

High quality specialty coffee and tea plantation just outside of Chiang Mai - 250 Rai

Once in a life time opportunity to own an amazing agricultural plot.

Over 40,000 coffee trees (Arabica and Geisha), 4,000 aged Tea trees and about 40 Avocado (Hass) trees.

Over one kilometer of mountain creeks providing year round water supply 

Baht 100,000 per Rai - All land with SK1 and BPT5 land documents

Guaranteed income of minimum Baht 600,000 per year. 

Property Id: LAZ45295
Created: 2021-09-15
Updated: 2023-08-04
Plot: 400,000 Sqm
Plot: 100,000 sq. wah
Price per Sqm: 60
Price per Sq.Wah: 240

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