Cozy Resort with Swimming pool in Chiang Rai

Mueang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai
Price: ฿ 18,500,000 price reduces ฿ 19,500,000
500 Sqm
Reference: LAZ126179
Type: Hotel
Interior Size: 500
Land Size: 1,216Sqm
Price per Sqm: : ฿ 37,000
Bedrooms: 9
Bathrooms: 10

About This Listing

Building details:

  1. Luxury 6 bedrooms pool villa 
  2. Include 1 Bungalow 1 bedroom
  3. Include 1 Bungalow 2 separate bedrooms


  • Houses - Bungalow's- Restaurant 500 sqm.
  • 9 bedrooms + 10 bathrooms
  • Freehold land 1,216 Sqm. (304 Sq. wah) Chanote (Land Title Deed)
  • Fully equipped European kitchen
  • Large private living-room 65 Sqm                                                                                                                     
  • Swimming pool and kids pool
  • Roof top terrace, used as massage place
  • Restaurant/Bar/Terrace 12 by 6 meters
  • Luxury, high quality of materials
  • Design and fully furnished
  • Staff room separate of the villa
  • Children's playground                                                                                                                        
  • Private car parking 10+ (Its governments land)
  • Covered motor-bike parking
  • Camera system around the property. *Extra toilet and shower for pool area. *Extra water filtering system, and water
  • storage 3 septic tanks total 5000 liter.
  • Storage room/pump house
  • WIFI internet: 5g fiber glass optic-cable
  • Website and on the most famous booking sites
  • The buildings are made from stone with Sherwood against it, to give it an appearance of they are made from wood (Lanna style).

*Location: Directly on the new western bypass 131 (Baan Hong Or) Chiang Rai

  • 3 km from Chiang Rai (in the middle point of tourist attractions)
  • 6 km from Chiang Rai center (night-market)

*Buyer pays transfer costs.

Reason for sale, retired.

This property can be used privately, or as a resort with private residence.

The last season from October to April we had a booking average of 80%. Already a lot of bookings for the coming season.

Property Id: LAZ126179
9 Beds
10 Baths
Created: 2023-08-16
Updated: 2024-06-25
Plot: 1,216 Sqm
Plot: 304 sq. wah
Interior: 500 Sqm
Interior: 37,000 per sqm
Year Build: 2008-01-01
Original Condition
Partially Fitted
Fully Furnished
Garden View
Private Pool
Private Garden
Hi Speed Internet
Western/Euro kitchen
Barbeque Area
Storage Room
Covered Parking

Request more detail on this property

such as floorpans, furniture lists and further specifications

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The following property advertised, Cozy Resort with Swimming pool in Chiang Rai, located in Chiang Rai, Mueang Chiang Rai, with the price for sale at ฿ 18,500,000.
May be subject to change, the property owner assumes all responsibility for the details advertised on this page.
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